I have absolute confidence in Dr.Selvamuthukumar. My sons and other family members who are abroad make it a point to take an appointment with him for complete dental checkup and treatment.I will have no hesitation in recommending him to my friends. The doctor is approachable and patiently explains the treatment involved.

Over the years,I have grown to feel him as a family member, but that is just a personal matter and may not be relevant to your professional assessment. But that the doctor is so humane and considerate and takes personal interest in every one of his patients is something I cannot omit recording.
Mrs Premavathy
Absolutely excellent. It was quite a smooth tide over. Doctor ensured that I was kept pain free through out the process and checked for my comfort level meticulously. The doctor and his entire team including the guard at the gate helped us during the entire period of treatment!

I wholeheartedly thank the Doctor who endeared himself by helping me smile rather laugh and eat a good meal daily.
May God bless this noble healer, our family dentist!
Mr. Satyanarayanan
Excellent work. I have absolute confidence with DrSelvamuthukumar in his treatment. Though I am not locally placed, I make sure in fixing appointment with him for regular checkup and treatment. I do not have any hesitation in recommending him for my friends and my colleagues. He is so soft spoken half the problem vanishes discussing with him.
Mr Sivakumar
I do not have any fear of the treatment as I am absolutely comfortable. I can guarantee that you will not have any pain during treatment here. Diagnosis is accurate and explained well.
Ms Prateeksha
Excellent is the word; kind and a very patient doctor. I came in with acute pain, returned with a wide smile, thank you doctor :-)
Mrs Manjuri Neogi
Dr. Selvamuthukumar is like our family dentist. All my family members come to him regularly for dental checkup. We have high regards for him.
I would strongly suggest Dr. Selvamuthukumar for my friends.
Mr Anand Natrajan
Very good. Explains very well. Innovative. Treatment works very well. Very satisfied. Doctor is very friendly and makes the patient comfortable.
Mr Devakumar
Very good. He is very courteous and explain things clearly so that even a lay man can understand what has happened and what is to be done next. Very knowledgeable.
Mrs Rathi