Rapid induction of a relaxed state through IV administration of sedative drugs is also called Conscious sedation.

If you have fear of Dental treatment, history of traumatic Dental treatment or complex dental problems then Sedation would be the ideal choice. Dentistry along with sedation allows us to complete multiple procedures in one sitting. Most patients hardly recollect anything about the procedure done during sedation and usually are pleasantly surprised.

We work with two highly experienced anesthetists who while ensuring that you have a pleasant experience also constantly monitor your general condition.

Depending on your state of general health it may be necessary to consult with your general physician before Sedation.
Missing teeth and/or loose dentures can seriously impact a person's self esteem and confidence so much so that they tend to avoid smiling, speaking or engaging in social activities as well as refrain from eating certain foods which could dislodge the denture.

However, with fixed replacement of teeth, they can confidently talk and smile without the fear of denture falling out during a conversation. Implant dentistry is a highly specialized field for replacing missing teeth.

It involves surgical placement of titanium inserts into the bone to replace roots of missing teeth. Sometimes, bone augmentation becomes necessary in cases where there is reduced vertical height or width of bone.
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When the nerve of the tooth gets infected, either due to decay or trauma, root canal treatment can save the tooth from further infection.

Root Canal Treatment involves
1) removing the infected pulp 2) placing filling material in the canals 3) crown (cap) placement.

A root canal treated tooth should ideally be given a crown, as it tends to be brittle and may fracture due to unduly forces.
With loss of multiple teeth and as aging process sets in, you may experience loss of chewing ability and the confidence to smile. Speech may also be affected due to spaces especially if they are in front.

Dentures can restore all these problems for you. Often used together with implant therapy, denture users today can enjoy their food, smile and laugh confidently without fear of them breaking or coming loose.

Dentures retained by implants are of several types and a suitable one will be chosen based on the bone available, age of the patient and co-morbidities.
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Periodontal disease is an infection of the supporting structures (Gum and Underlying bone) that surrounds the teeth. It is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Though accumulation of plaque is one of the reasons for periodontal disease, it becomes severe only in susceptible individuals which destroys the bone around the teeth and cause the gums to recede.

Periodontal pockets are measured from the bottom of the pocket, where it is attached to the tooth, to the top of the gums. The deeper the pockets, the greater the spread of periodontal disease.

Periodontal Flap Surgery (commonly known as gum treatment) removes the source of infection, reduces the size of the pockets and makes cleaning easier.
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Although dentistry has come a long way in saving teeth, there still are a few situations where the tooth has to be extracted.

When the tooth is severely decayed leaving behind insufficient tooth structure to hold a crown, extraction and replacement is advised.

Wisdom teeth (or third molars) are called “impacted” when they do not fully erupt into the mouth because of blockage from other teeth. If the wisdom teeth are impacted, pain can develop and also cause decay in the adjacent teeth.
In such cases, extraction of wisdom teeth are suggested at an early age (mid teens) because:
1) roots are still short 2) easier to remove 3) less risk of nerve damage 4) recovery is faster 5) bone will fill in better following extraction.
Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry which deals with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of irregular or crooked teeth. It is increasingly seen in kids and young adults and we strongly believe that an early diagnosis and intervention can be more effective. Also, in such cases, we may be able to avoid full-fledged orthodontic fixed appliance.

Dental braces are orthodontic appliances that are designed to straighten and improve the aesthetics and function of your teeth.

Braces can also trap more food than usual, so great attention to good oral hygiene is required to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
We love seeing children in the clinic, either as patients or simply accompanying others. We would like the child’s first visit to our office to be a happy and pleasant one. It is for this reason that the clinic was planned to be truly child friendly, with a lot of space around the dental chairs so that children feel at ease.

We take pride in the fact that a lot of young & confident adults whom we are seeing as patients now, have been seen here first as a child and have grown with us.

It may not be possible to do any treatment on the day of seeing the patient for the first time, other than diagnosing their condition, taking radiographs and making the child understand about what has to be done.

There are complex looking teeth irregularities which can be corrected easily if seen at a younger age.
Full mouth rehabilitation is a process of restoration of several teeth, both in the upper and lower jaw along with simultaneous replacement of missing teeth.

This usually involves two or three stages over a period of 3 to 6 months.

This is likely to involve multiple root canal treatments, implants with or without bone augmentation and will require one or two sittings under I.V. Sedation and may require temporary crowns/ bridges/ dentures till the final restoration can be done.
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This is otherwise called “Smile Makeover” wherein the ideal visibility of teeth and the gum line for a particular face pattern is planned and done.

This usually requires crowns with/without root canal treatment or veneers.

Sometimes, a LASER crown lengthening and increase in vertical dimension has to be done.
Teeth whitening is the least invasive of all dental cosmetic treatments. It is safe, fast and an effective way to brighten natural teeth,discoloured or stained by aging or chemical damage.
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Scaling ( or cleaning) is removal of visible plaque and deposits on the surface of the teeth.

Regular cleaning will help maintain oral hygiene, which goes a long way in preventing the onset of many gums diseases.

Depending on your tendency for plaque accumulation, you would be advised to get scaling done every 6 months to 1 year.
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